Monthly Archives: January 2014

I am impressed by Chefs.  They undertake one task at a time—when preparing a recipe with shrimp, they will remove all the shells before de-veining; when mincing garlic, they peel all of the cloves before chopping and so on.  Chefs make sure all ingredients are on hand before beginning a dish and they clean as they go.  Because of the pressure they work under, to make a profit and turn out quality food, chefs must be organized.

While managing a construction firm, I discovered  the profit on a job was largely determined by Planning. Essential to success was the ordering of materials; the sequencing of work and the organization of the job-site.

Remodeling homes with my brother, I learned the importance of completing one task before continuing to the next.  For example, to avoid tripping over debris, completing demolition before beginning renovations.

Today, the distractions of technology make it difficult to organize and focus. People pride themselves on being able to multitask: jumping from project to project; making decisions on the fly and talking to one person on the phone while answering an email from another—perfect opportunities to create misunderstandings and harm relationships.

Planning, organization and focus are essential to making good decisions, performing quality work and maintaining relationships.

Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.” Alexander Graham Bell