Confidence Improves Performance

It is amazing how confidence improves performance. Take golf: a couple of good holes, everything begins to go right—drives are long, approach shots close the hole and putts fall. Record a triple bogey and nothing works: drives slice, approach shots go wild and you can’t sink a putt for love or money. The difference is confidence.

Confidence stems from knowing you can perform. Great golfers practice every aspect of their game and spend time conditioning their bodies to withstand the rigors of the pro tour. They have confidence because they have prepared to succeed.

In today’s world, managing a business is an incredibly complex chore. Government regulations, banking relations and dealing with insurance are just a few items on a manager’s list. To effectively operate a business a manager must have knowledge of all the preceding. Staying on top requires planning along with continuous learning—with Learning comes knowledge and with knowledge confidence—confidence that ensures good decisions and success.

Confidence is crucial to success in sales. Like a golfer preparing to compete, a salesperson must prepare to sell.  First and foremost, a salesperson must possess product knowledge—If you don’t know your products you can’t sell them.

Like a golfer exercising in a gym, salespeople prepare for success by working on their health and appearance.  Feeling good provides the mental acumen and positive energy needed to close a sale.  No matter what the product, people are hesitant to buy from someone with a sloppy appearance. Looking successful requires being neat, pressed and well groomed.

The author Leib Lazarow wrote: “Who has confidence in himself will gain the confidence of others.” Confidences comes thorough preparation, knowledge, appearance and good health.


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