E Cubed consulting’s name reflects the 3 key attributes we bring to our clients: Experience, Expertise and Empathy.  Each is a crucial attribute.  However, an adviser who possesses all three is uniquely suited to help business executives magnify their company’s success.

Experience is the skill and knowledge acquired through time spent in managing and owning businesses—the know-how obtained through years of hard work.  It’s the understanding and learning garnered from making many difficult decisions.

Expertise is the business mastery that comes through education, training and experience.  An expert has prolonged and intense business experience.  Experts know how to tunnel into the deep structures of a problem.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.  A person needs a certain amount of empathy before they are able to feel compassion.  An empathetic advisor understands that a compassionate business decision may prove to be the best business decision.

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